Not Your Ordinary PFP...

Owning a Lad will unlock a number of monthly benefits and grant you lifetime access to our club, including a stake in our LADAO (Lad Vault). Some benefits will be exclusive to Lad owners while others will be open to all club members.




✅  Mint SoLads Gen I

✅  Fund DAO Vault with 150 SOL

✅  Purchase 2 Degen Apes

✅  Airdrop SoLads Gen II to holders

✅  Private Ladopoly Board sold out in 2 mins

In Progress

⌛️ Lad Lotto mint live

Future Plans

🔮 Whitelist/Public mint for Ladopoly 

🔮 Secondary marketing to bring in more players/$LAD liquidity goes live 

🔮 Property airdrop/property minting goes live 

🔮 Ladopoly game goes live 

🔮 Advertising sales start 

🔮 Low/High stakes boards introduced 

🔮 Future games will be officially announced



How to play...

Player roll Dice to move around the board. When they land on a property they don't own, they must pay rent before they can roll again. Anyone that mints a gameboard will receive a replica board made by Hasbro.


Players earn $LAD coin every time they pass go. Players also earn $LAD by staking properties and several other ways in the game



  1. Binding utility: Anyone who mints a game board will receive 5% of every sale of that #NFT in the future

  2. There will be in-game taxes. 50% of those taxes will go to board holders monthly.

  3. 3% royalty on all NFT Game board sales and  5% royalty on all  #NFT property sales

  4. Board holders will be airdropped 50 $Lad token

  5. Board holders(and Lad holders) will be airdropped (1) free properties.

  6. 50% of advertising sales will go to board holders monthly(50% will go to the dev team for marketing and hiring a salesperson to sell ads space)

  7. 10% of V2 Lad quarterly profits airdropped to board holders.


  • Properties on the Ladopoly Board are also NFTs that you can own, sell, stake, and trade!

  • Players can earn rent fees from other people who are playing the game simply by staking your property.

  • You will also be able to sell your properties on secondary marketplaces such as Magic Eden.

Ladopoly Logo 3.png



Here is an in-game still shot!


The best part is we will be giving away a blue-chip NFT weekly as an in-game achievement.


For example, whoever goes around the board the most times week 1 will win a Degenerate Ape Academy NFT! Check out our whitepaper to learn more





Founder/ CEO

Andrew has a strong business background and history in the crypto space. He will be using his knowledged gained from running sales, healthcare and Solar comapanies, as well as a private crypto alpha group to build the SoLad and Ladopoly Brands.

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Business Development

Alexa’s passion is creating businesses that meld a lifetime of sales, traveling the world, art, investments, and innovative real estate transactions.

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Community Manager

I've been in crypto since late 2012. Have seen many trends and projects come and go. Was a trader until I found my home with NFTs. Played around with some P2E games on BSC. Iv worked for other NFT projects on Solana but am proud to have landed with the Solads team more than any other.

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In-house Influencer

Diego Valdez is a major influencer and hollywood celebrity. After going all in on blockchain, he parntered with Binance and other major players. We are HYPED to have him on our team

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Public Relations

Andrew Patts founded a non-profit organization called the Council of Andrews, dedicated to assisting Drewish people achieve excellence and prosperity

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In-house Influencer

Solana Princess is a proven NFT vet and influencer. She has been an early holder in multiple Blue Chip NFTs. Check out her Twitters and Tik Tok were she has 30k+ followers.

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In-house Influencer

Ryan is one of the top influencers in the world in his industry. His passion for Crypto/NFTs has led him to some of the biggest circles in the space. We look forward to his knowledge and insights

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